Visiting Canada

Why Canada 

Canada's natural beauty and tourist sites attract approximately 35 million people every year. Whether it's for business, visiting family and friends, or tourism, Canada is often the country of choice for many people around the world. 

What you require

A Visitor Visa is required if you want to visit Canada to explore its culture, life, and traditions or enjoy a stay in one of the safest countries in the world. Short-time English language students (ESL) also need this visa. 

Entering the country

Depending on your country of residence, you would require to get a visa before entering Canada. Though citizens of some countries do not need a visa in advance, officers at the border may refuse entry to anyone who is not a Canadian citizen, one of the most common reasons being criminal inadmissibility and financial concerns. 

Why IAIS. Inc

Even with a simple Visitor Visa, unseen hurdles can crop up, which is why professional guidance is always advised. We at IAIS.Inc advise you on your visa application, helping you with every step whether you need a visitor visa in advance or not.