Think Canada, Think IAIS Inc.

Think Canada, Think IAIS Inc.

Think Canada, Think IAIS Inc.Think Canada, Think IAIS Inc.Think Canada, Think IAIS Inc.

Your Journey,

International Alliance for Immigrant Services Inc. though formalised in 2019 came into existence in 2004. 

We provide Immigrant services and strategic pathways in a supportive environment for your new Canadian adventure!

Is Our Journey!

An immigrant himself, Yatan Anand, Director of IAIS embarked on his Canadian experience in 2004 as an International student. 

A proud Canadian CItizen and having donned a variety of hats he understands the process like no other! 

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Aspiring Student

Immigration Services

Immigration Services

Looking to enhance your skills, study abroad and dream of life overseas? Take your first step to knowing how!


Immigration Services

Immigration Services

Immigration Services

Looking to invest or bigger opportunities? Know how to find your fit with our immigrant services!


Visiting Canada

Immigration Services

Visiting Canada

Looking for breathtaking natural beauty and adventures of a lifetime? Let us help you get here!

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Help us , help you. By filling your details you enable us to best cater to your individual requirements, be it to study abroad or your search for immigrant services!


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Your form enables us to have a one-on-one conversation, helping us chart the best possible navigation route, tailor made to you.


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Its time to get your details in order. Our conversation enables us to help you get all your affairs in line and give you the best immigrant services for your canada immigration before submitting your papers to wait for a positive result!

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