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Moving abroad

Leaving one's homeland and permanently moving to a new country is a life-changing decision. Canada among the top immigration destinations that actively accepts and supports immigrants. There are over 60 different immigration programs available, that help individuals move to the country. 

Choosing Canada

While reasons to choose Canada are many - its breathtaking nature and high standard of living, it is crucial to choose the right immigration professional. Immigration laws are constantly changing, and an immigration professional, who understands your needs is the wisest investment you could ever make. 

IAIS.Inc with you all the way!

No immigration consultant can guarantee a successful outcome for your application, our professional advice and expertise substantially enhance your chances for success. Our goal as your trusted partner is to help you make the right choice and prepare an application with the best chance for success.

Workers & Investors

  • Migration through Express Entry 
  • Migration as a Skilled Worker
  • Migration as an Investor

Express Entry


Skilled Worker


Business Investors