Business Investors

The Federal Investor Program

Are you looking to start a business abroad? 

Canada needs people with proven business or investment experience. Corporations or individual investors with a substantial net worth looking to make an impact on the Canadian economy can immigrate to Canada under the Investor Category. 

What you will need 

While this sounds easy, there are requirements that you have to meet to apply and be approved for permanent residence under IIVC or the Federal Investor Program. As an investor, you are required to both create a sufficient number of full-time jobs for Canadians (varies across provinces) but also to keep your business in good shape.

Why Canada?

Ranked among the best countries to do business in, Canada has a well-educated workforce, a wealth of natural resources and free trade arrangements with many of the world's major economies. The country also has relatively low corporate taxes and a transparent marketplace. 


As an investor and a good business person, one does not want to jeopardize their chances of successfully entering the wealth of opportunities that Canada has to offer. Hiring IAIS ensures you have knowledgeable immigration professionals who have a solid business background on your team. IAIS provides you with expertise in the Canadian market assists you with anything and everything, ensuring you achieve your ambitious immigration and business goals in Canada.