Our Journey


The Beginning

International Alliance for Immigrant Services Inc. though formalised in 2019 came into existence in 2004 when we embarked on our very own journey. In its current format, IAIS Inc. provides Immigrant services and strategic pathways, to embark on a journey to Canada. All while providing a supportive environment to newcomers from all backgrounds. Unlike others, we also offer a variety of services to empower immigrants, explore educational opportunities, align careers and all the nitty gritty they might need to embark on their new Canadian adventure.


NOT an immigration agency, we are much MORE!

Yatan Anand, Director of IAIS an immigrant himself, embarked on his own Canadian experience in 2004 as an International student. Fifteen years, two beautiful children and countless memories later, a proud Canadian CItizen he truly understands the process like no other, having donned a variety of hats and having multitude management experience in retail, sales as well as the education sector enabling him to provide a trusted environment and experience for all its services. 


What is Immigrant Services?

An inclusive society is a healthy society - By promoting acceptance and mutual respect, we at IAIS Inc are helping build immigrants’ futures while also building a stronger future for Canada. 

Every struggle is new learning, and every failure is a start of something bigger & better - At IAIS Inc, we are committed to creating a welcoming, hospitable environment for immigrants which facilitates their integration in Canada. Everyone’s path to integration and self-sufficiency must be based on a recognition and acceptance of that person’s unique needs and aspirations. We provide Immigrant Services to add to the bright future of Canada, One Immigrant at a time. 

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